Growth Hacking principles to improve bank’s marketing

The ‘Growth Hacking‘ concept emerged at the beginning of this decade as part of the entrepreneurship culture in Silicon Valley. It was driven by the need for startups to make their business grow in the absence of large marketing budgets, typically available in large corporations.  The answer to the challenge came through ‘hacking’ the system, leaving aside traditional approaches to marketing and looking for a more effective way through the intensive incorporation of technology. That’s when the role of ‘Growth Hacker’ appeared as a hybrid…Continue Reading “Growth Hacking principles to improve bank’s marketing”

New release v2.6.81

January has come to pass and we have exciting news to share! We’ve released a new version of Prisma Campaigns, which is a result of the hard work of our team during the last weeks. Lots of the new features are the result of feedback provided by our clients while working closely with them implementing effective campaigns in the real world. Within the improvements in this release, there are a few we would like to highlight:   New Campaigns Planner: Financial Institutions handles dozens of simultaneous campaigns, each with specific offers, so they must be able to prioritize and coordinate…Continue Reading “New release v2.6.81”

Top 2018 trends for Financial Institutions that will shape the world

New year, new rules, 2018 has started with extra fuel, so, we are here to share some vital information, we are going to talk about the most important trends that you should take into account this year. We’ll be sharing the results of a study performed by Digital Banking Report, focused on retail banking and credit unions.   We know what the main challenges of the current banks are and surely so do you: effective cross-selling, deepen relationships with customers, improve share of wallet, and increase products per household. Unsurprisingly, some of the trends we cover below touch this topic.  The first trend…Continue Reading “Top 2018 trends for Financial Institutions that will shape the world”